Bona Fide Sweet

Fortuitously,  the same day of our post "What Sweet Means at Big Creek",  Don Kavanagh posted "The World's Best Rieslings" according to Wine Searcher (see below).   With the exception of the dryi-sh smaragd  from F. X. Pichler, the rest all carry the designation Trockenbeerenauslese, translating to over  30% residual sugar! I guess you could turn … Continue reading Bona Fide Sweet

More often than not, when a new customer asks, "What's your sweetest wine?", we have some 'splainin to do. While we certainly have academic, analytic, and quasi-legal definitions of 'sweet', most often it comes down to personal physiology, ergo, taste. What is dry as dust to one person might taste like baby medicine to another. … Continue reading What ‘Sweet’ Means at Big Creek

What ‘Sweet’ Means at Big Creek